Best Edibles Deals in Los Angeles, California

This marijuana dispensary has one of the most edible and marijuana deals in Los Angeles. This is a great place to come for those who like to consume marijuana on a continuous basis

May 18, 2018

California has long been known for their innovative and delicious marijuana treats. Not only are many of these products organic, vegan or gluten free, but the products are also usually responsibly sourced and the products are greatly varied. In San Francisco for example, one can get edible cookies, hot Cheetos, mints, and even espresso beans with marijuana infused into them.

If you don’t want the “high” feeling associated with the use of marijuana, you can also buy CBD edibles that have low amounts of the psychoactive chemical THC. In California, you can get CBD drinks, mints, and chocolate bars.

Now, since the passing of California’s Proposition 64, any adult 21 years of age or older can use marijuana recreationally. This has opened up the marijuana market significantly. Now anyone can purchase marijuana without having to have a medical recommendation card.

Medical marijuana shops are racing to obtain the proper licensing from their city officials in order to sell to this eager market. In addition to more and more dispensaries being licensed to sell recreational marijuana daily, they are also putting together special deals for new customers such as veterans and senior citizens. is a deal site that always has the best deals on edibles. Make sure to check it out frequently for edible deals in your area.

Since the law is still so new, many recreational users may be wondering where they can legally purchase marijuana. If you live in the Los Angeles area, here are a few dispensaries where you can find some of the best edibles deals for recreational users.


Extra Special Delivery – The first thing you should know is that this marijuana dispensary is known for its excellent customer service. As a first-time user, you want to purchase marijuana from a dispensary or “club” as they’re sometimes called, that has a friendly and informative staff that’ll teach you about the different strains and levels of THC and CBD in each marijuana product. Another part of their excellent customer service is the fact that they deliver, have a tracking app and texting system so that the customer can know exactly where and when they’ll receive their products.

As for their edibles, they have an amazing variety:

  • Molly ranchers; a fun take on jolly ranchers candies!

  • Captain Munch; a variation of the fun cereal

  • Chili cheese Fritos

  • Goldfish

  • Hot Cheetos

  • Sour Candies

  • Ginger cookies

  • Mint chip brownies

  • Savory snack mix that’s a lot like Chex

  • Chocolate bars

  • Mints

  • Honey


In addition to their wide variety of edibles, Extra Special Delivery touts itself as the only true 24/7 marijuana shop in Los Angeles. As far as their special deals go, they offer $25 off to first time customers. They also have a “friends with benefits” program where you get $10 off an individual order for each friend that you refer.


The Higher Path – Here’s another marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles that’ll blow you away with their professionalism. One Yelp review stated that even though the legalization of marijuana in California is a huge step forward, there’s still a stigma associated with using recreational marijuana. However, the staff at The Higher Path helps newcomers by being friendly and by running a clean and welcoming store.

Of course, The Higher Path also has an unrivaled selection of edibles as well as other marijuana products but first, let’s talk about their deals.

First time visitors – All first-time visitors receive a goody bag with The Higher Path swag and a $1 joint!

Second time visitors – If you like what you see the first time and decide to come back another time, you can receive 50% off the flower gram or edible with a limit of a $20 purchase and a donation.

Magic Monday – Get access to their special Magic Monday deals by text every single Monday!

Tasty Tuesday – This is one of the best deals in Los Angeles! Customers get 10% off all edibles every Tuesday.

Wax Wednesday – On Wednesday, customers receive 10% off all concentrates including kief, infused joints and cartridges.

Tokin’ Thursday – If you donate $35 for a good cause, you receive a $1 joint on Thursdays.

Dollar Joint Friday – If you donate anything on Fridays, you also receive a $1 joint.

Shatterday – On Saturdays, receive 10% off shatter and live resin.

CBD Sunday – If you prefer CBD products, come on Sundays where you’ll receive 10% off all CBD products including flower and concentrates.

The Higher Path Happy Hour – On top of these daily deals, The Higher Path also does happy hour every single day from 3-6pm.

However, they’ve stated on their website that new California laws and regulations prevent them from distributing any free cannabis products of any kind so they are currently in the process of revamping their Happy Hour Specials.

And, if these amazing deals aren’t enough, people who subscribe to their email lists receive additional exclusive deals on their cannabis products.

This is another dispensary with a very cool and unique set of edibles.

  • Brownies

  • Altai Berry Blasters

  • Altai Moon Bar

  • Baked Cookies

  • Baked Goldfish

  • Lollipops

  • Mints

  • Flavored drinks

  • Chocolate chip cookies

  • Fortune cookies

  • Pastry pop tarts

  • Green hornet gummies

  • Marsh mellow bites

  • Honey sticks

  • Gummies

  • Chews

  • Chocolates

  • Popcorn


This marijuana dispensary has one of the most edible and marijuana deals in Los Angeles. This is a great place to come for those who like to consume marijuana on a continuous basis and are looking for a good deal. Not only do they have great deals but they also have an amazing and large selection of goods that’ll allow most users to try something new every time.



If you’re located in the Los Angeles area, check out Extra Special Delivery and The Higher Path. They’re both clean, friendly and welcoming marijuana dispensaries that are licensed to sell recreational marijuana. In addition to their friendly staff and welcoming stores, they also both have a large and unique selection of edibles. Last but certainly not least, check out for the best edibles deals in Los Angeles.

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