Best Ounce Deals in Los Angeles

Here you can find the Best Ounce Deals in Los Angeles. We collected the cheapest and best quality cannabis for you

March 10, 2018

California is a booming states enriched with tourists who are looking to lay low, relax in the hills, walk the beaches, or just visit the beautiful mountains. In addition to its beautiful landscapes and high-paying jobs, more people than ever are now attracted to the fact that California has decriminalized marijuana.

The state is full of medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensaries.These dispensaries serve various needs far beyond the imagination. Today, we’re focusing on recreational dispensaries, or more specifically, ounce deals in Los Angeles.

If you’re new to using marijuana, it can be difficult to know what kind of weed to use. Going to a credible marijuana dispensary will help you choose the best products. Most dispensaries have weed specialists to educate new and veteran customers on new weed products. Before we indulge in the list of our top ounce deals in Los Angeles, let's break down a couple of facts in regards the two favorite cannabis strains; sativa and indica.


Sativa is a strain birthed in the warm Southern Region of Asia. The effects are known to be cerebral and energetic feelings. According to leafly, “the term sativa, named by Carl Linnaeus, described hemp plants found in Europe and western Eurasia, where it was cultivated for its fiber and seeds”.


Indica is a strain that started within the colder Himalayan Region of Central Asia. The effects are known to be sedative, body centric, easy going for a more mellow experience and laid back activities.

If you want to learn more about different strains of weed as well as stay on top of deals, check out Of course, when purchasing your weed, it’s best to purchase in bulk so as to get the best deal. On top of that instant savings, coupon and BOGO sites can show you where to get the best prices on those ounces in your city.


Here are a few of the best ounce deals in Los Angeles.


HERB is a high demand cannabis delivery service located in downtown LA that may be able to service your needs depending on your location. Their products range from topicals, ingestions, vaporizations, and just the standard flowers. Reviewers have raved about the quality of product, their delivery’s promptness, and staff’s positivity. Additionally, they have some of the best ounce options available. If you are a first time patient you get a free gram of your choice, a sticker, lighter, and edible!

The sampler 4x1/8 ounce is a collective of your choice of four flower products for only $185. Now, this is a great deal to start off with!

HERB even offers a GET & GIVE Program which reinvests 1% of it's monthly gross income by supplying our most in need members with a monthly care package containing medical cannabis and related items. The packages put an emphasis on products containing high levels of CBD and THC. There is a qualification and application process that you must enter in order to receive this benefit. Note that this program is for their most in need members. Those who have illness or disabilities that need ease to their ailments, are more prone to being able to receive this care package.

HERB ½ ounce product list includes:

Wonder Woman (SH) – HERB - Price $200.00

Aroma: Fruit, Skunk, Diesel

Effect: Immediate, Euphoric, Heavy, Relaxed

Medical Uses: Nausea, Stress, Pain Management, PTSD

Jack Herer (S) – HERB- Price $210.00

Aroma: Spicy, Pine

Effect: Motivating, Euphoric, Uplifting

Medical Uses: Depression, Glaucoma, Chemotherapy Relief

Berry White (IH) – HERB - Price $200.00

Aroma: Sour, Berry, Pine

Effect: Relaxing, Hungry, Happy/Social

Medical Uses: Stress Relief, Pain & Inflammation, Depression


HERB offers Canndescent Boxes (1/8 Ounce) for  $65.00. The varieties range from calm, create, charge, cruise, and connect. Whatever needs you crave, they can exceed them.

Looking for more deals? Check out coupon sites for all of their latest specials on ounces in Los Angeles.


Melrose Herbal Collective is a medicinal dispensary established in 2007. The focus of their products and community is very simple: quality, safety, and accessibility.

Their best ounce deals:

  • Platinum Blue Dream is $200

  • Sour Diesel- $200

  • Hawaiian Master Kush- $150

  • Gorilla Glue $185

  • King Louie XIII- $150

  • Pineapple Express- $120

  • Kushberry- $100

MHC even offers cannabis infused coffee,chocolate syrup, toffee, and gummies to name a few. Imagine tossing a handful of cracker jacks into some creamy white chocolate, sprinkling with pink salt, and infusing with 100mg of Jetty Extracts. Umm, yes please! This scrumptious product is only seasonal so get it while supplies last!


Mary Jane Collective is a humble establishment seed- to-patient dispensary brought about in 2006. You are highly encouraged to visit them in stores, online, or try out their delivery services.

Ounce deals:

  • Bull Rider- $160

  • Hashplant- $160

  • Private Reserve $160

  • Purple Cookies- $225

  • Sour SKittles- $225


MJC has a full arrangement of edible selections to choose from including Kita cookies, medipops, brownie bites, and cheeze its. Even their vapes come jam packed with flavor. Lavender ice cream, forbidden fruit, banana, tagie, and strawberry cough.

Reviewers rave of their quality control for their OG Kush, great strains, budtenders, pricing, and a collective that offers interaction with their clients by engaging them in playful games. This definitely adds a nice touch to seperate yourself from the crowd.


Although it seems dispensaries carry a lot of the same products the importance is differentiating between the value, the relationships you build with the bustenders, and of course a little extra dela here and there because face it, this stuff is not cheap in bulk.

Make sure you’re staying on top of cannabis deals with Cannaberry to get the best prices for ounces in Los Angeles.

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