Best Recreational Marijuana Strains of 2018

Best recreational marijuana strains of 2018. Find most popular strains in california. Cannaberry

April 24, 2018

Choosing a marijuana strain is like going to a liquor store and attempting to pick the one beer that you think is best. You cannot test them all but a bit of experimentation is a good idea to figure out which ones you enjoy the most.

Watch out for any of the heavy-hitters listed here. Even if you don’t order them now, maybe you’ll find coupons or promotions that will entice you to down the road.


#1 - Blue Dream

Blue Dream is possibly the most recommended cannabis strain by medical marijuana doctors. It’s also a top-seller in the recreational marijuana crowd. The reason it’s so popular choice is because it is a super effective sativa-dominant strain. The pain relief symptoms are abundant, which is hard to achieve for sativa-based hybrids. Meanwhile, the potency is sky high and the head buzz, euphoria and energy it gives off is through the roof.

Whether you’re just killing some nagging symptoms at home, about to head to work or enjoying a few joints at a party — once you try Blue Dream you’ll likely make it one of your go-to strains for any situation.

Blue Dream usually contains 15 to 25 percent THC levels. It is a hybrid, breaking down to be 60 percent sativa and 40 percent indica. This ratio means that the sativa dominance isn’t over the top. However, the effects are very sativa-like in the sense that you get an energetic, euphoric and almost psychedelic head rush.


#2 - Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of the few classic marijuana strains that pot enthusiasts have already pushed as an elite strain for decades. It is often graded as being just as effective and powerful as Blue Dream. Similarly, it’s also a sativa-dominant hybrid and also measures in with THC levels ranging from 15 to 25 percent.

Some reports claim that this strain has even been tested before at levels over 30 percent. Since the THC is was makes you feel high, recreational users can always count on a good buzz when using Sour Diesel.

Sour Diesel differs from Blue Dream based on the sativa content. This strain is 90 percent sativa, which makes it more of a pure sativa. The lower indica content means that the effect is more of a head buzz. While still useful for pain, many users with chronic headaches, symptoms from ADHD, OCD, etc., and other neurological disorders will find Sour Diesel to be a respectable alternative to Blue Dream.


#3 - OG Kush

No top strains list would be complete without at least mentioning OG Kush. This strain is an indica-heavy hybrid. It measures out to 75 percent indica, 25 percent sativa and also gets tested for THC levels ranging from 12.5 to 27 percent.

The effects of OG Kush are more head-helping than anything. Most users report it to be very effective for treating depression and anxiety. However, it’s also useful for pain relief purposes — don’t disregard this fact one bit, it is primarily indica after all.

The cool thing about OG Kush is that it still has a fair amount of sativa and pain often starts in the brain. Therefore, since there’s a good amount of sativa in OG Kush, you’re reducing the triggering of those pain nerve signals.


#4 - Green Crack

Greek Crack is a true modern day White Widow and weed connoisseurs have risen it from an unknown newcomer to a top hit in recent years. This strain is 75 percent indica and 25 percent sativa (just like OG Kush) but has a little less THC, measuring in between 13.5 and 24 percent.

Green Crack is very effective for anyone seeking an energetic head high. The strong sativa side comes out abundantly and leads to complete depression relief. The 25 percent sativa is just enough to treat the nausea and ongoing pain that often comes out with medical conditions like cancer and AIDS. Further, it’s a highly euphoric buzz and lends to creativity while creating a stable energy — perfect if you have to work to do when you’re done medicating yourself.

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