Best Cannabis Terpenes for Relaxation and Insomnia

The Best Cannabis Terpenes for Relaxation and Insomnia for sale in your City. Find out how to choose Marijuana Terpenes for your needs.

May 25, 2018

What are the Best Cannabis Terpenes for Relaxation and Insomnia? Marijuana aficionados know that cannabis is not just about the psychoactive THC or the medicinal CBD that is most often talked about when discussing the drug. Though both of these can be very beneficial for both medical and recreational purposes, terpenes are also present in marijuana and have plenty of benefits of their own. Terpenes are the oils that give marijuana its fragrant diversity. Terpenes are, in fact, present in many other aromatic materials such as hops and flowers and are the key to aromatherapy and essential oils. However, the terpenes in cannabis—both independent of THC and CBD and in combination with them—can have an even greater effect on the mind and body than their fragrant counterparts.

Marijuana Terpenes have been used for centuries in herbal medicine and more than 100 different terpenes have been detected in marijuana. Just as in essential oils, different terpenes have different properties that can help with everything from anxiety to lack of focus to chronic headaches. Terpenes bind to receptors in the brain just as cannabinoids do and are able to affect the body and mind in multiple ways. It’s important to know which terpenes have which specific properties so you can purchase the right type of terpenes for your needs.

Terpenes, unlike cannabinoids, are the chemical compounds that give different strains of marijuana their unique fragrances. The terpenes in OG Kush, for example, give it a piney and earthy smell while the terpenes present in Pineapple Express give it a tropical sweet smell. Cannabinoids, on the other hand, are completely odorless. Many people have personal preferences when it comes to the smell of their chosen strain of marijuana, but it’s really more important to look past the smell and instead look at the effect of each terpene.


Cannabis Terpenes for Relaxation

Many people who use marijuana do so for its relaxing properties. Some of these individuals suffer from anxiety or immense stress while others may have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. Many of those who have stress or trouble relaxing also suffer from insomnia, so the two conditions often occur hand-in-hand. If you fall into one of these categories, it is likely that the terpenes in marijuana are what provide you the largest benefit and it makes sense to purchase terpenes that are isolated from the rest of the plant to experience their maximum benefit. You can buy pure cannabis terpenes or specific terpenes combined with either CBD, THC, or both, depending on your needs.

So which weed terpenes should you look for if you want to relax and get a great night’s sleep? The primary terpenes in cannabis that are perfect for relaxation are linalool, a-pinene, myrcene, limonene, terpineol, and beta-caryophyllene. Of these, the most cited terpenes for relaxation and sleep purposes are myrcene, limonene, and terpineol.

Myrcene has powerful sedation and relaxation qualities, which makes it perfect for those who battle insomnia. Not only is myrcene great for sleep, but it also reduces muscle tension and can have a positive effect on depression. Strains that are highest in myrcene include Skunk #1, White Widow, and El Nino.

Terpineol works by reducing the body’s urge for mobility and has a sedative effect on the body. This is ideal for those who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome or who find it difficult to get their bodies into the deep relaxation needed for sleep. Strains with high levels of terpineol include OG Kush and White Widow.

Limonene is probably the most widely-studied terpene and has shown classic sedative effects as well as reduced motor activity and anti-stress effects in animals. Limonene can reduce cortisone levels that are elevated by social or physical stress and can increase the neurotransmitters that help individuals deal with anxiety. Lemon Shining Silver Haze and Sour Diesel are two strains of cannabis that have high levels of limonene.


Deals on Cannabis Terpenes for Sale

Are you looking for terpenes for sale from California-based dispensaries? It’s important to get lab-tested products to ensure their potency. Terpenes can be damaged by high heat and should therefore be extracted with care and are best when vaped or used with an eNail. Find deals on marijuana terpenes and terpene accessories at local dispensaries by visiting We’ve got the best BOGO deals and coupons on all your terpenes, CBD oils, accessories, and other marijuana products in the area.

Try to find a dispensary that specializes in terpenes sale. Though any legitimate dispensary will have some knowledge of terpenes, those that specialize will have a much broader range of knowledge on which strains you should purchase or if you should purchase isolated terpenes or CBD oils with specific terpenes.

Terpenes combined with CBD in oils are legal no matter what your state laws are, as they contain no THC, or only trace amounts of THC. You can also buy strains of marijuana that are high in the terpenes you are interested in in California and other states that have legalized marijuana. If you want to get the best deals on terpenes and CBD oils, make sure you check out deals to get the lowest prices and specials around.

Struggling with insomnia or the inability to relax can have a huge negative impact on your happiness and overall well-being. Finding solutions that are not based on pharmaceutical drugs is important for many who do not want to form addictions or who don’t want to deal with the negative side effects of pharmaceuticals. Using terpenes or specific strains of marijuana can be an effective alternative medicine that is safe, natural, and non habit-forming. Get the best deals on terpenes and CBD oils with our coupons and BOGO deals at to enhance your relaxation.

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