Cannabis Dabbing Dictionary: New Terms You Should Know in 2019

Marijuana dabbing. Extracting concentrated doses of cannabis using a solvent of carbon dioxide or butane.

January 01, 2019

Marijuana has long been known for both its medicinal properties as well as it’s the ability to produce a high that many find soothing, invigorating or mind-expanding. With a history that can be traced back to 500 BC when it was first used in Asia, cannabis has been used for everything from pain relief to relaxation and nearly everything in between.

With the ever-increasing popularity of marijuana and the numerous states that are legalizing marijuana for recreational use, new methods of getting high on the drug are emerging. Dabbing, which has actually been around for almost a decade, has recently regained popularity for those who want the quickest high possible from their weed.

Dabbing is basically extracting concentrated doses of cannabis using a solvent of carbon dioxide or butane and then heating the resulting sticky oils on a heated hot surface. The dabs can be inhaled through special equipment and result in a quick high that is much more powerful than other methods. Interesting in trying out dabbing for yourself? Here are some terms you need to know:


Cannabis Dab Ring

A dab ring is needed for inhaling the dabs after they are heated on a hot surface. Similar to a bong, a dab ring has a post in its center called a nail. When the nail is heated, you touch the concentrate to it and then proceed with the dab ring as you would with a bong. Though the process is similar, the result is magnified. You can purchase dab rings at any approved dispensary such as Bloom Room Collective and The Cookie Co. 415. Make sure to check out for special deals at these and other San Francisco-area dispensaries.


Cannabis Live Sauce

When resins are extracted from fresh marijuana, the result is different than that extracted from dried marijuana. Live sauce is the name given to the resin from fresh marijuana and usually has a texture similar to sugar wax with a liquid layer on top. These live sauces will be needed to dab with. However, you may want to work with someone who has experience in extracting live sauce to get the largest spectrum of aroma and benefits. Are you looking for great deals on live sauce? Look no further! We’ve gathered the best coupons and BOGO deals on live resin so you can find it at a great price.


Cannabis Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is similar to a traditional weed hash which is popular in many Middle Eastern countries. However, a new technique is used in which screen bags in ice water are used to separate resin glands from adulterants and raw cannabis. This results in a purer and more refined version of hash and may contain up to 60% THC. Bubble hash can be rolled into a pot joint with cannabis or consumed along with cannabis in a traditional pipe and only a small amount is needed to get high.

Named for the bubbles that form when the full melt hash is smoked, bubble hash is just one more way to get high for those who want to avoid as many chemicals as possible. If you want to score deals on bubble hash at dispensaries like Purple Star MD, make sure you check out for weed coupons.


Marijuana Terp Jelly

If you’re looking for a high impact hit of terpenes, you should take a look at terp jelly. Terp jelly is a concentrate that isolates terpenes and is made with pure cannabinoids. Those who want a satisfying high or who want to use the potent terpenes for medicinal purposes should see if terp jelly is available in their area. If you want to get affordable terp jelly, look no further! We’ve put in all the work to gather the best deals on terp jelly so you can get it an affordable price..


To Dab or Not to Dab

Many of those who smoke marijuana wonder if they should abandon their tried and true methods for newer, popular methods like dabbing. Like most decisions in life, the choice is highly dependent on your own personal preferences and the reasons you use marijuana. Here are some reasons you may want to try it.

It will get you high quicker  If you want to reach an incredible high with just one or two hits, dabbing might be for you. However, if you enjoy the process of a gradual high with traditional smoking, you should avoid the new method.

It is cleaner  Many dab advocates say that dabbing is cleaner than smoking joints as it’s not affected by the butane in lighters or additives in rolling papers. If clean is your thing, you might want to give dabbing a try.

You don’t mind the complicated method When you dab, you need to invest in a dab ring and find suitable extracts (or extract them yourself, which is not easy). Though many think this is well worth it, others would rather stick to their easy-to-use joints.

No matter what form you choose to consume marijuana in, make sure you check out your state’s laws to ensure recreational use is legal. Once you’ve established this, your next stop should be where you can find amazing deals on weed accessories from local dispensaries. If you’re looking for affordable dab rings, terp jelly, bubble hash, or other marijuana accessories, we’ve got the best deals around.

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