How to Use Weed Dispensary Coupons in California

How to use cannabis dispensary coupons in California

January 13, 2019

As Prop 64 moves further into effect, new businesses are setting up shop, along with the many California medical dispensaries adding adult-use licensing to their services. This means there will be plenty of dispensaries to legally purchase weed at, which of course is awesome! However, as with any other product you favor, the cost of recreational marijuana can quickly add up. That's where and other coupon sites  come in to help by providing you with details about the latest discounts available at neighborhood dispensaries, as well as coupons you can use for select purchases. Knowing how to use discount sites and what dispensary incentives to take advantage of will benefit your wallet and enhance your shopping experience.


Browse California Weed Coupons Online

It's simple to locate dispensary coupons online, moreso if you're familiar with using general savings' sites such as Groupon, Ibotta, and RetailMeNot. Your initial online search can be for California dispensary discounts, or for deals in specific cities, and then you can apply more filters (cannabis type, i.e), at the resulting sites. Some allow you to directly download the coupons for print, while others send it to you via email.  It's important to note all terms and restrictions for each discount, including:


  • Ongoing special or expiration date

  • Redeemable at some or all of a dispensary's locations

  • If a minimum purchase is required

  • Only applicable for medical marijuana patients

  • In-store only, or if it can also be used for online and/or delivery orders

  • Can or cannot be combined with other discounts


Using Marijuana Discounts at a  Pot Dispensary

You've got your printed or mobile pot coupons, now time to go shopping! Dispensaries are accustomed to receiving coupons and answering questions about discounts. It's all part of Business Marketing 101, offering deals to bring in new customers, and keeping existing customers happy. As long as you're polite and follow the coupon's specifications, it's no different than applying savings at a grocery store or redeeming a free latte coupon at a coffee shop. Discounted products are sometimes in limited supply, so ask a bud tender about possible substitutions before debating it at the counter. Often times, the special is strictly as is, yet also ask about a rain check just in case.

Another way to save at San Diego, Los Angeles, and other Golden State dispensaries is by checking with the shops themselves. Bookmark their websites, subscribe to news and events updates, and follow their social media pages. See if places offer:


  • Happy Hours

  • Early Bird Specials

  • Refer-a-Friend Rewards

  • First-Time Customer/Patient Bonuses

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Vendor Days

  • In-Store Sample Events


Some shops may only promote certain specials on Facebook, Twitter, or InstaGram, so it's certainly worth it to review those pages when you're looking to buy recreational or medicinal pot.


Differences Between Recreational Marijuana and Medical Cannabis Purchases

On the subject of the different categories of weed, a frequently popular question is “Is a Medical Marijuana Card Still Worth It?” Prop 215, Compassionate Use Act (aka Medical Marijuana Initiative) was a momentous occurrence in 1996, and paved the way for relief for tremendous amounts of people. Two decades later, Prop 64, Adult Use of Marijuana Act, has opened the proverbial doors to legal purchases, possessions, and plant cultivations for recreational enjoyment, so isn't it kind of redundant to still need medical approval?

It really depends upon your personal and budgetary preferences and if marijuana is also helping to ease the side effects or pains from an illness or ailment.  Although California's criteria for medical approval isn't as limited as in other states, you still have to obtain a physician's official recommendation. This costs on average $40, but may vary according to the physician, and must be renewed every year. Doctor approval is required to get a county-issued California Medical Marijuana ID Card (MMIC), which is about $100/year, or for Medi-Cal patients, $50. You can still purchase medical marijuana with only the doctor's letter, but the card gives you additional benefits.

Note the following differences:


  • Age: Minimum age for purchasing weed is 18 for medical, 21 for recreational.

  • Taxes: Medical is exempt from additional sales tax, only if you have the MMIC (medical without the card will pay the same taxes as adult-use). There is a 15% state excise tax plus state taxes for all types of purchases.

  • THC: Medical-grade topicals contain 2,000mg THC, whereas it's 1,000mg THC for adult-use only.

  • Plants: Medical card holders can have 12 immature plants or 6 mature plants for their own use (or more, if the medical condition is that severe). Recreational users cannot have more than 6 plants indoors.

  • Availability: Dispensaries must have a recreational sales license. While this distinction increases every day, there may be more medical dispensaries near where you live, work, play, or that provide delivery to your zip code.


Cannabis Products Eligible for Dispensary Discounts

One of the perks of using marijuana coupon sites is finding specials that match your cravings. It's also great at prompting you to finally shop those California dispensaries you've been eyeing up. Recreational limits are currently capped at 28.5g (1ounce) flower and 8g concentrate per purchase, but just sort through the specials, and you're sure to discover a deal on:


  • Pre-Rolls: Not only do they save you the time and occasional hassle of rolling your own, they're also a great, cost-effective way to try something new.

  • Edibles: The best of both worlds, the menu of edibles keeps growing with delectable options! There's salty chips and nuts, decadent cookies, brownies, and chocolate candies (ready-made and batters), and fruity gummies, including gluten-free and vegan options for many items.

  • Flowers: Ounce deals, gram deals, indicas, sativas, hybrids, oh my!

  • Cooking Ingredients: Add an extra zing to your recipes with infused butters and oils!

  • Beverages: Stay cool and hydrated, with juices, iced teas, sodas, coffees, and milks.

  • Vaping: Look for discounts or freebies with purchases, for cartridges, pens, and batteries.

  • Tinctures and Topicals: Soothing, effective relief, in a variety of flavors and fragrances.


Everyone has their preferred type of weed, and what method works best to fully enjoy it. Whether you like to keep some around for when the desire hits, or buy on an as-needed/wanted basis, you can do so in a wallet-friendly manner. Regularly watch the weed coupon sites for dispensary and product deals, and talk to your local shops about how to make the most of their promotions. Soon enough, you'll be a regular connoisseur of knowing where the best marijuana deals are.


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