Live Resin Marijuana Deals in San Francisco

In California and in San Francisco specifically, there’s a ton of edibles that are vegan free and gluten free. There are dozens of marijuana strains that do everything from helping you concentrate to relieving anxiety and back pain.

May 06, 2018

Whether you’re brand new to using cannabis products or you’re a veteran in the game, you likely want the best marijuana products you can get your hands on. Not all marijuana or cannabis products are equally made. In California and in San Francisco specifically, there’s a ton of edibles that are vegan free and gluten free. There are dozens of marijuana strains that do everything from helping you concentrate to relieving anxiety and back pain.

Since the decriminalization of weed in California, potential users are coming out of the shadows and into the marijuana dispensaries looking to try a natural remedy to their aches and pains. This is especially important now since there is an opioid addiction epidemic in our country. Many people are wary of using prescription pills prescribed by traditional doctors to soothe their symptoms.

As previously mentioned, there are different levels to the quality of marijuana. Marijuana is traditionally dried and cured before it is consumed. This process dries out the marijuana and it loses some of its natural scent, flavor, and oils. However, there’s a way to capture all of that flavor and still preserve the freshness of the bud; it’s called live resins.

What are live resins? Live resins are freshly frozen, whole cannabis flowers from which the natural oil is extracted. This is also known as a concentrate. Concentrates are waxes or shatter that have a higher number of terpenes (oils secretion) than traditional bud. The terpenes give each strain of marijuana a unique taste.

The magic of live resins lies in these terpenes which are made from the same marijuana glands that produce THC, which gives users a “high” feeling. As of this writing, more than two hundred unique terpenes have been discovered. Each terpene not only has its own unique taste, it also solves a different symptom or each one has its own medicinal powers. They treat issues such as nausea, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more!

Here are some common weed terpenes:


  • Terpineol

  • Cineole

  • Linalool

  • Borneol

  • Beta-Pinene

  • Alpha-Pinene

  • Limonene

  • Delta 3 Carene 


Now that you’re convinced that you should try live resins or concentrates, here are some of the best live resins deals in San Francisco. Also, make sure you check out for the best cannabis deals near you.


The Apothecarium – Castro – This marijuana dispensary on Market Street is one of the best in the city. It’s easily one of the most beautiful dispensaries around and their staff members are really helpful. They also have high-end décor complete with a rotating art corner to observe while you’re waiting perusing their up-to-date menus. Their customers have stated that their staff is knowledgeable and friendly. In addition to their friendly service and swanky location, The Apothecarium also has a membership program, community events and they take part in philanthropy; a marijuana company on a mission!

In addition to their expansive selection of edibles and weed, they also have a large selection of concentrates.

Some of their weed wax products:

  • Black Lime Reserve Wax – Empress Extracts – Hybrid Indica

  • Harlequin GDP Wax – Empress Extracts – Hybrid Indica

  • OG Kush Wax – Empress Extracts – Hybrid Sativa

  • Jack Herer Glass – Sativa

  • Kosher Kush Wax – Kaizen – Hybrid Sativa


Lifted Health & Wellness -  This marijuana company has been in the business of selling medical marijuana since 2010. They have high-quality marijuana available for delivery seven days a week. They also have a loyal membership program where new members receive free gifts on their first five orders and returning customers earn points towards more free gifts. This deal online makes this one of the more affordable and fun places to buy concentrates. This company is the highest rated medical marijuana Delivery Company on Yelp, the review site. 2019 Marijuana Dabbing dictionary

Their  marijuana concentrates include:

  • Kief

  • Shatter

  • Wax

  • CO2

  • Hash Oil

  • Hash

They also have “budget-friendly” pot concentrates and they include:

  • Assorted Coldwater Hash like Girl Scout Cookies and Dead Head OG – I/S - $13

  • CalExtracts Crumbles like SFV OG, Santa Cruz Diesel, and Cherry AK for $40 a gram

  • Various Wild West Extracts Shatter starting at $16 per half a gram.

Foggy Daze Delivery Service - This highly rated medical marijuana company is also open seven days a week. You’re also able to order online as well as by phone. They have a text messaging system that alerts customers once the driver is heading their way. However, Foggy Daze only sells medical marijuana at this point so customers will need a qualified recommendation for the marijuana.

Foggy Daze has a variety of concentrates that range from tinctures to dose pens.

Some of their weed concentrates products include:


  • Dr. Raw Balance Formula Coconut Oil Tincture - $90

  • Green Kings Cartridge - King Louis XIII - Green Kings - $42

  • CBD Tincture - Simply CBD - $36

  • Green Kings Cartridge - Sour Tangie - The Green Kings - $42

  • hmbldt arouse dose pen - $120


Mission Organic Center – This medical marijuana delivery service delivers to San Francisco and surrounding areas. Customers state that they have amazing specials, great prices and a wide range of products to choose from. This “hole-in-the-wall” is located in the Mission District and is certainly sure to please first-time customers. At this time, this marijuana company only serves medical marijuana.


Mission Organic Center in San Francisco has a pretty large selection of pot concentrates.

Some of their cannabis products include:

  • Sapphire Scout - Soul Remedy Extracts - $29

  • Lemon Gorilla - Soul Remedy Extracts- $29

  • GDP - Soul Remedy Extracts - $23

  • Gelato Cookies - Soul Remedy Extracts - $41

  • Master Kush - Soul Remedy Extract - $18

  • MYCHRON - Tangie Cartridge 500mg - $35

  • LIV Clear - Sour Jack Cartridge 500mg - $35

  • Vape Cartridges 1G - Heavy Hitters - $58


If you want to try high-quality marijuana products, you definitely should try concentrates or live resins. Concentrates will allow you to experience the full flavor of the marijuana plant as well as feel a stronger side effect. Make sure you check out marijuana coupon or BOGO sites for current concentrate deals near you.

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