Medical and Recreational Marijuana Shops in San Francisco

California recently passed Proposition 64 that allows state residents to recreationally use marijuana. Medical marijuana has been legal in California for many years so this new law may come as no surprise to residents.

December 04, 2017

California recently passed Proposition 64 that allows state residents to recreationally use marijuana. Medical marijuana has been legal in California for many years so this new law may come as no surprise to residents. However, if you’re a California resident, don’t believe that you can now just go out purchase marijuana to use recreationally without any stipulations.

There are many rules and regulations surrounding the usage of recreational marijuana. Additionally, it’s up to the cities and counties in California to decide whether or not they want to sell recreational marijuana.

Medical marijuana dispensaries in the counties and cities that already allow the sale of recreational marijuana have to acquire the proper licensing before they’re able to sell marijuana for recreational use. San Francisco is one city in California with over a dozen medical marijuana dispensaries and many of them are now authorized to sell recreational marijuana.

First, what's the difference between medical and recreational marijuana? Simply put, recreational marijuana is the use of marijuana without a medical reason. Medical marijuana usually has less   THC which is the psychoactive component of marijuana that gives users a “high” feeling.

 Additionally, you have to have “recommendation” or a prescription from a qualified medical marijuana physician to obtain medical marijuana. With recreational marijuana, you only need to be an adult over the age of 21 to purchase it in the state of California. Of course, there are many other regulations surrounding how and where you use recreational marijuana, but just to purchase, you only need to be an adult over the age of 21. 

 Whether you’re looking for medical marijuana or marijuana that you can legally use recreationally, here is a list of the best medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco.


Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries 

Purple Star, MDCustomers say that Purple Star, MD has some of the best prices in San Francisco and they top that off with excellent staff, products and delivery. Not only does this medical marijuana company have high ratings, but it is also licensed to now sell recreational marijuana. Make sure to check out their website as they do have limitations on how and where they can deliver. They only do limited deliveries outside the city of San Francisco.


The Apothecarium – Castro – Located on Market St., this beautiful dispensary is an ideal spot to purchase recreational marijuana. In addition to their great products, they also have high-end décor, a rotating art corner to observe while you’re waiting and up-to-date menus to peruse. Their customers have stated that their staff are knowledgeable and friendly. In addition to their friendly service and swanky location, The Apothecarium also has a membership program, community events and they take part in philanthropy; a marijuana company on a mission!


Medithrive –  This store resembles more of a museum than a medical marijuana shop. The staff here are very knowledgeable about the marijuana and are willing to teach and inform customers about the marijuana they’re looking to purchase. They also have magnifiers that allows users to view the product up to 200x closer. One customer said he felt like his experience there was comparable to purchasing a fine wine. If you’re looking to try marijuana for the first time, this is the spot to check out. This marijuana company is one of the few on this list that is already authorized to deliver recreational marijuana under the new legislation and is a current medical marijuana dispensary as well.


Grass RootsThis well-run and attractive medical marijuana shop is a favorite among San Francisco residents. It has an Old Western type of ambiance with its antique carved wooden bar and upholstered benches. You can register online in advance of visiting the shop. Here is yet another highly-rated medical marijuana company that is licensed to sell recreational marijuana.


Medical Marijuana Dispensaries 

LoveShack –  legendary medical cannabis dispensary in San Francisco’s Mission Dolores neighborhood. One of California’s oldest operating clubs.


Foggy Daze Delivery Service - This highly rated medical marijuana company is also open seven days a week. You’re also able to order online as well as by phone. They have a text messaging system that alerts customers once the driver is heading their way. However, Foggy Daze only sells medical marijuana at this point so customers will need a qualified recommendation for the marijuana.

Purple Star, MD –  Even though this marijuana dispensary also sells recreational marijuana, it originally off as a medical marijuana and is known for their excellent delivery services. They have many low-THC options to choose from such as salves.


Grandma’s GoodiesIf you have a sweet tooth, this is the medical marijuana shop for you. They have an amazing assortment of edibles that range from sweet candies to hot Cheetos! In addition to their varied assortment of medical marijuana products, they also have a VIP program and a monthly subscription option. Customers have reviewed this place and said that the wait for their order can be timely but well worth it because their prices are so affordable for the quality.


Lifted Health & Wellness -  This marijuana company has been in the business of selling medical marijuana since 2010. They have high-quality marijuana available for delivery seven days a week. They also have a loyal membership program where new members receive free gifts on their first five orders and returning customers earn points towards more free gifts. This company is the highest rated medical marijuana delivery company on Yelp, the review site. They seem to have amazing customer service as well.



Whether or not you’re looking for a medical marijuana dispensary or a licensed marijuana dispensary that sells to recreational users, you can find what you’re looking for in San Francisco. Because Proposition 64 is so new, many medical dispensaries are still in the process of getting licensed to sell recreational marijuana. Be on the lookout for medical marijuana dispensaries that get licensed soon to sell recreational marijuana.


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