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Cannaberry is partnering with local licensed dispensaries and will showcase deals, coupons, and specials for medical and recreational marijuana

February 01, 2019

With the passage of Proposition 64, otherwise known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, in 2016, it is now legal to purchase and use marijuana for recreational purposes in California. Seen as a positive step toward freedom and personal autonomy, the law is particularly celebrated in San Francisco. The city was the first in the nation to recognize the medical benefits of marijuana in the early 1990's and is now one of the first in which citizens can legally partake of marijuana recreationally as well. But, since this new open market can be a little confusing to some who are just starting out on their marijuana journey, let's look at some of the items that can be purchased in local dispensaries. Of course, discounts for all of these kinds of items can be found on discount aggregator websites like


Where to Find Marijuana Discounts in SF

Sites like act like a sort of Groupon for weed connoisseurs. The way it works is simple. Websites will partner with local licensed dispensaries and will showcase deals, coupons, and specials on offer each week. This is important because the new legal world of weed means that dispensaries have to do things that illegal drug dealers have never had to do—namely, rent a building, pay employees and offer benefits, spend money on licenses, and otherwise incur overhead costs. Since these expenses can easily drive up the price of marijuana—which customers don't want and which the dispensaries themselves fear will slow or diminish the amount of clientele—dispensaries often provide clients with discounts on their goods. This drums up more business, can help customers build up a stockpile of marijuana, and is a win-win situation for all involved. Here's the kicker: instead of having to go to each dispensary's website to look for the week's best deals, customers can visit discount aggregator sites like to find all of the deals in one place. So let's look at the kinds of product that you might find on these websites. Read how to use marijuana dispensary coupons in California.


Top Shelf Marijuana Products in San Francisco

Marijuana can be generally divided into indica and sativa strains. Sativa plants have a higher concentration of THC and a lower concentration of the chemical thought to be medically useful in aiding pain and anxiety—CBD. Partaking of sativa strains usually energizes people, as opposed to indica, which has more CBD and tends to make users calmer in that stereotypical way. Of course, hybrids are a combination of the two strains and are grown to achieve certain levels of potency and effects on users. Regardless, weed that is grown in better conditions and given proper care is going to result in a much more pleasant high than weed that isn't as high in quality. Current top-shelf strains of marijuana include Blueberry, Tahoe OG, Bruce Banner, Girl Scout Cookies, and more. These high-end grows most likely will cost a pretty penny at your local dispensary, but there is also a high chance that at least one of them will be on special any given week. If you see one you like, make sure to snag it when the going is good.


Live Resin Cannabis Concentrates in SF

A popular method for extracting the best out of a cannabis plant is the use of live resin concentrates. While other concentrates are made by drying out the plant, live resin concentrates use plants that are frozen immediately after harvest. The result is that terpenes—which are the molecules that capture the aroma and flavor of marijuana—are more present in live resin concentrates than they are in their dried-out counterparts. In short, live resin concentrates are a weed connoisseur's dream: they provide a more in-depth flavor ride that many marijuana users may never have had. As such, they are a great candidate for discounts aimed at providing pot enthusiasts with a new and unique experience.


Marijuana Caviar

No, we're not talking about fish eggs, here. Marijuana caviar is a bud of the plant that has been covered in oil and then dried. Typically, the bud will also be coated in kief, or what are essentially crystals of THC extracted from the marijuana plant. Since kief and cannabis oil have higher concentrations of THC than the plant itself, caviar provides an intense high to users lucky enough to be able to experience it. Like its namesake, caviar can be expensive. If you live in a state that has yet to legalize recreational marijuana, the delicacy can be nearly impossible to acquire. However, for San Francisco natives, this is not a problem. Many local dispensaries will carry marijuana caviar—if not regularly, then from time to time—and may very well run special deals for this unique treat. Checking on weekly discount aggregators is a great way to ensure that you never miss the opportunity to get some of the good stuff.


Cannabis Moon Rocks

Strictly speaking, moon rocks are not an entirely separate item from marijuana caviar. Instead, moon rocks are a particularly potent kind of caviar made when the bud is so coated in the THC-heavy kief that the actual bud can no longer be seen. As its name suggests, moon rocks offer an out-of-this-world high that very well may be exactly the kind of thing a somewhat jaded marijuana connoisseur might be seeking. If that is the case, checking in on local dispensaries is a great way to find moon rocks, which will most likely be on sale as a special once-in-a-while opportunity.

As we've seen, the growing marijuana community is creative in experimenting with strains and styles of partaking of the drug. Equally impressive is the dispensaries' creativity in offering discounts and deals so that customers can expand their marijuana horizons. By going through dispensaries, customers can ensure that they are getting quality weed that has been well-regulated and is safe. By using discount aggregator websites, customers can ensure that they're getting the best possible deal on local weed. Cannabis connoisseurs across San Francisco can rejoice.

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