This Week's Best Marijuana Discounts in Los Angeles

Instead of wading through countless dispensary listings, use coupon sites like  CannaBerry to browse for deals.

September 13, 2018

Recreational weed in California is at a high, no pun intended, now that the state has approved Prop 64 (Adult Use of Marijuana). However, there are still licensing regulations for dispensaries, even for ones that have already been in business for medical marijuana. Keep in mind that you must be at least 21 years old (with valid ID) to purchase recreational marijuana, not consume it publicly, and not possess more than 8g concentrates and 28.5g flowers at one given time. When looking for the week's weed discounts in Los Angeles, make sure the shop has permission to sell for recreational purposes. Since this is an ongoing protocol throughout California cities, we're here to help you save time, and find what you need. As of now, the following are some Greater Los Angeles County dispensaries where a medical card is not required to purchase pot:


New Amsterdam Naturals: this High Times' Cannabis Cup multi-award winner shop is open 9am – 10pm Monday through Sunday, and carries some cool deals! There's the ever-popular $1 House joint if you make a $20 donation, and who doesn't love the 4.5g 1/8 special? Also check out:


  • 50% off House Bubble Hash

  • 50% off Insane OG PNR

  • First-time customers get a snazzy New Amsterdam T-shirt for FREE, if they spend $100!

  • *please note that deals cannot be combined (so you'll have to choose between savings on Bubble Hash and Insane, sorry)


Alternative Herbal Health Services (AHHSWEHO): a community mainstay since 2004, AHHSWEHO is now no longer restricted to medical use sales (yeah!) An even bigger Yeah! goes to them, for having a great array of marijuana discounts in Los Angeles on a daily basis! Open 8am – 10pm Monday through Sunday, take a look at this lovely menu of deals:


  • “Manic” Monday: 10% pre-rolls

  • “Topical” Tuesday: 10% off tinctures and topicals

  • “Wonderful” Wednesday: 10% off edibles, PLUS 20% purchases for their 4:20pm-6:20pm Happy Hour Special, if you follow them on InstaGram!

  • “Thirsty” Thursdays: 10% off beverages

  • “420 Special” Fridays: 20% off each 1/8 when purchasing 4 1/8s

  • “Shatterday” Saturdays: 10% off concentrates

  • Sundays (insert your own jazzy nickname): 10% cartridges and vapes


MedMen WeHo: In addition to their expert knowledge, these guys and gals have created an elegant, stunning experience for you to do your weekly weed shopping at. Even if you know what you're looking for, chances you still lose track of time admiring the glass jars and striking aesthetics – everything just looks scrumptious! Visit them Monday through Sunday from 8am – 9:45pm, and join their Loyalty Rewards Program, for which you earn $30 store credit for every $420 spent. Bouncing around town? Other locations include LAX, DTLA, and Beverly Hills, but check for different hours of operation, as well as any coupons that may be applicable from Groupon-like sites.


The WEED - Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary: Stop by 10am-8pm, and chill amongst the vibrant artwork and chic interior design that resembles a neat and cozy gallery space.  Yelpers love the edibles, which are included in the weekly weed discounts. Not only do they give out FREE TACOS the 20th of every month, check out these current incentives:

  • “Solventless” Tuesdays: 20% off these products (ice wax, clear oils, etc.), PLUS with a $25 minimum donation, spin the prize wheel!

  • “Vape Pen” Wednesdays: 5$ off of vape cartridges marked $30 and up

  • “Edible” Thursdays: 10% off of edibles

  • “CBD” Sundays: 20% off every CBD product

  • Monday – Thursday Happy Hour: from 4pm-6pm, discounts for items marked $30 and up (currently $5 off of 1/8s flower/hash, $10 off of 1/4s flower/hash, $5 off of full gram concentrates and vape cartridges)

  • First-time customers: choice of premium House joint ($15 value), edible ($10 or under), extra gram with 1/8 purchase ($20 value), or gram of brainchild ($20 value) for ONLY $1!


KoreaTown Collective: Their slogan is “Mine is Better than Yours,” and that may not be sheer cockiness talking. This is the dispensary that had a chicken and waffles recipe adored by The Weed Show's Infused Dinner Party guests, including members of HailMaryJane, and Edibles List Magazine. With their Los Angeles recreational weed permit now in place, first-time customers can delight in deals including:


  • Mondays: $25 gift certificate, when you make a donation of 3 pods

  • Tuesdays: FREE tarantula, with a $50 donation

  • Wednesdays: 4 1/8s for $160, mix and match

  • Thursdays: $25 1g Shatter

  • Saturdays: 10% off edibles

Operating hours are 10am-8pm Monday through Saturday and 11am-8pm Sunday.


Natural Remedies Caregivers: Also operating at the same convenient hours as K-Town Collective, is another well-known and regarded Los Angeles dispensary with adult recreational use on its menu. Choose from these warm and fuzzy options:

  • 10am-2pm Early Bird Specials: 5% off of 1/8, or 8% off of two or more 1/8s (does not apply to strains with 1/2oz pricing)

  • Happy Hour Gram Specials: Receive Happy Hour pricing for two or more grams purchased at ANY TIME!


Also, ask about their 2g, 5g, and 7g deals, and consult dispensary coupon sites for any additional discounts that may be available for non-sale items.

Exhalence: A little further out of the neighborhood than some dispensaries, but you know what they say about worth the wait. They're noted for their signature KS OG, and for a full range of organic products, including health and beauty selections. Stop by 8am-10pm any day of the week, and take a look at these recreational discounts:


  • $4g KS OG nuggets

  • $15 KS OG 5g 1/8

  • $190 KS OG ounce

  • $5-$10 to upgrade 1/8 to 5g (1/8s can be split to mix and match!)

  • 10% discount for active and retired military and seniors 65 years and older


So there you have it, a list of a few places to find great weekly marijuana discounts in Los Angeles! Instead of wading through countless dispensary listings, use coupon sites like  CannaBerry to browse for deals, so you have more time to shop and relax. Whether you're a native of the Los Angeles area or new to the city, it's important to find local weed discounts that fit your budget, and sold at licensed, reputable dispensaries. It's also beneficial to work with trained bud tenders who know their stuff and genuinely want you to have the strains that perfectly meet your needs and preferences. Check back with us often, as we do our best to update on where to go for recreational marijuana, and what discounts you can use to maximize your smoking/vaping/edible pleasure!

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