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Looking for marijuana for cheap? look no further. Find the best deals for cannabis in Sacramento here.

June 09, 2019

Starting this year, it has become legal for consumers to purchase recreational marijuana from certain licensed dispensaries across California. While this is cheered by many throughout the state, becoming a legitimate business carries with it the possibility of increased prices due to higher overhead costs. But never fear: the advent of legal marijuana has brought with it the advent of discount websites like

Canaberry was created with the purpose of bringing the best bulk discounts and deals to pot enthusiasts in Sacramento and beyond, including deals on both recreational and medical marijuana. Sometimes dispensaries will run specials on your go-to strain and you will be able to stockpile at a cheaper price. Also, maybe you've been putting off trying a new and interesting strain because of the cost, but you'll be able to partake of the goodness with a special coupon. Regardless of the situation, you can count on dispensaries to produce a variety of discounts to increase their customer base. What follows is a look at specific types of deals you can expect. But first, a time line on how we got to this moment in history.


How Recreational Pot Became Legalized in California

The Golden State was actually the first in the nation to make marijuana illegal, adding the plant to the list of substances banned in 1907's Poison and Pharmacy Act. By the 1970's, though, popular opinion had changed enough to see a serious push for decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana. Cities across California passed their own ordinances, with Berkeley requiring city council approval for marijuana-related arrests in 1973 and then officially moving marijuana crimes to the lowest position on police priority lists later that decade. In the early 1990's, San Francisco became the first city in the United States to officially recognize marijuana's medical benefits. That same decade, in 1996, California voters approved a motion to legalize the drug. However, since federal law still prohibited marijuana and the nation's opinions were less than friendly to legalization, it took until the mid 2010's for marijuana legalization to get serious traction. Known as Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act was passed in 2016, making it legal in California to consume marijuana even for recreational purposes. The law came into effect on January 1st of this year, 2018, and the nation has watched as California begins to bring the pot business into full fruition.


Buy One, Get One Free!

MarketWatch reports that legality has brought with it several complications. Licenses and taxation, as well as general business overhead like rent and employee benefits, have raised marijuana costs from cheaper street-level prices. This can be a problem for consumers, since buying off the street is less regulated and more dangerous. It's also a problem for marijuana dispensary owners who realize that, if they have to sell their pot for $60 and street dealers are selling it for $35, they are going to lose customers and money. But there are solutions.

Buy-One-Get-One deals are common ways to solve the issue. Customers can get twice the amount of pot they would normally buy, which is of course a huge win. Dispensaries will see increased foot traffic, which is a win for them. Plus, the regulated environment of a legal dispensary means that the marijuana they sell is safer, which is another win for the customer. It's no wonder BOGOs are so popular among aficionados


Knocking Off Percentages

Another common way for marijuana dispensaries to drive up business while getting rid of overstock is to offer percentage discounts. Let's say a dispensary has a lot of a particular strain of marijuana. They might be willing to offer a limited discount for, say, 25% off that strain. If this is your favorite, or if it's a flavor you've been meaning to try out, percentage discounts can be a great way to build up a cheap supply. An alternative scenario is when a dispensary offers a discount for a specific group of strains. For example, they may provide customers will a ten percent discount on top-shelf buds in the hopes of increasing interest in those strains. Either way, percentage discounts can be very useful when looking for individual strains you love or want to try but haven't had the cash to spend.


Bundling Up for the Customer

Some dispensaries are known to offer online coupons for combined purchases. Perhaps they run a deal that says customers who purchase an ounce of a particular strain will get a free pre-roll. Or maybe the deal is something like cable companies' bundle packages: buy two ounces of one strain and an ounce of another strain and receive them all at a price much cheaper than buying them individually. Combination deals can come in many forms and types, and they represent California dispensaries' commitment to making life easier and more comfortable for marijuana users. Then again, for pot businesses, maybe we should have expected that.


How to Get Discounts

Now that we've seen some of the most common kinds of discounts available, the question is how to receive those discounts. The easiest way to find discounts is to use a discount aggregator website. Think of these as the marijuana equivalent of Groupon. Just as Groupon offers deals on vacations and concerts, these websites bring together a range of discounts on marijuana by partnering with dispensaries throughout California. This makes saving money much simpler for marijuana enthusiasts than trying to access each dispensary's individual website and finding the deals themselves. Now, there's only one place to look.

Sacramento is a haven for marijuana enthusiasts. The city is home to no fewer than 22 dispensaries legally licensed to sell recreational marijuana. While that high number of stores may seem daunting to folks trying to look for the best deals on their favorite strains, discount aggregator websites make it easy to find which dispensary is offering which deal on which days. Never before has buying pot been easier, and with the amount of regulation necessary to acquire and maintain a marijuana selling license, never before has the pastime been safer.


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