This Week's Best Marijuana Discounts in San Francisco

Best medical and recreational marijuana deals in San Francisco. Find best buds and save!

April 15, 2018

As of January 1st, recreational marijuana smokers can legally buy the drug from certain licensed dispensaries across the state. Though this makes matters a lot easier than the previous set-up of having to find an illegal dealer, and though it now means smoking pot can be a lot safer as a regulated commodity than it used to be, there is still the matter of expense. Let's face it: just because recreational marijuana is now legal does not mean it is now automatically cheap. That's where discount sites like come into play.

Website such as these are designed to bring consumers the latest and greatest discounts on both recreational and medicinal marijuana, showcasing special coupons from a wide variety of dispensaries in San Francisco and beyond. Visitors to the site can expect to see different kinds of discounts from which they can choose the ones that suit their specific needs. Maybe there's a discount on that special leaf you've been looking for. Or maybe your favorite dispensary is running a special this week on a strain you've been dying to try, but which has been a bit too expensive. Here is a bird's-eye view of what you can expect when looking for ways to get your recreational marijuana cheaply.


BOGO Deals

According to MarketWatch, the cost of legal compliance and licensing can tend to run up the price at dispensaries. This is a serious problem for consumers as well as entrepreneurs looking to cash in on the passing of Proposition 64 back in 2016, which legalized recreational pot. MarketWatch quoted the Colorado Drug Investigators Association's deputy chief: “If $70-per-ounce marijuana [in a dispensary] can be purchased for $40 an ounce on the street, you certainly are going to have a black market.” But what if dispensaries were able to sweeten the deal?

Some dispensaries will run Buy-One-Get-One deals on their marijuana strains. Customers can get two ounces for the price of one, and if we take the deputy chief's numbers as a fairly accurate representation of prices, then customers are saving money by shopping in-house rather than on a more dangerous and less regulated black market. Plus, you get the added bonus of being able to sample several strains instead of sticking to your usual blend. It's a win-win no matter how you look at it.


Percentage Discounts for Marijuana

Some dispensaries will offer discounts for a percentage of their normal price. This is usually done when there is a surplus of a particular strain. So, if your favorite neighborhood store has that one Indica strain you love, this can be a great way to capitalize on excess stock. At other times, dispensaries may run discounts on whole sets of marijuana. For example, a place like The Apothecarium in San Francisco might offer thirty percent off the normal price for all of their top-shelf flowers. While these kinds of deals may not be as lucrative as a buy-one-get-one discount, they can help you build up a supply of your favorite marijuana for cheap.


Cannabis Combo Deals

From time to time, customers can get online coupons for specific combinations of purchases. For example, a dispensary may offer a free pre-roll with the purchase of an ounce of a particular strain. Alternatively, dispensaries may send out coupons for packaged deals like two ounces of a particular strain and one ounce of another, all for a bundled price that is cheaper than buying the three ounces separately. When it comes to ways to save customers money, dispensaries have a tendency to get creative. After all, one of the reasons for legalizing recreational marijuana in California was to help people alleviate stress and make life more comfortable.


Getting Access to Marijuana Discounts

The best way to get access to recreational marijuana discounts is to use a discount aggregator website like Cannaberry. These sites partner with cannabis dispensaries across the state to bring  marijuana coupons to customers all in one place. Finding the right weed deal for your needs is as easy as using a discount website like Groupon. The difference is that these sites all cater specifically to customers looking for marijuana. It is a new, legal world out there for marijuana enthusiasts, so going online to look for deals can be slightly confusing. Instead of hopping from one dispensary's website to another and trying to compare all of the deals, it is much easier to visit a single website that brings together lots of discounts from dispensaries across your local neighborhood.


A Brief History of Marijuana Legalization in California

Contrary to its position as possibly the marijuana capital of the country, California was actually the first state to ban the substance by adding marijuana to the Poison and Pharmacy Act of 1907. However, the tide of public opinion shifted over the decades, with California making its first attempt to legalize pot in the 1970's. Berkeley made it difficult for police officers to arrest people for marijuana offenses without approval of the city council in 1973 and later made marijuana offenses the lowest level of priority for police. The 1990's saw a renewed fight for legalization of marijuana, with San Francisco becoming the country's first city to recognize the medical uses of the drug. Though voters opted to legalize medical marijuana all the way back in 1996, it was not until the mid 2010's that the state became a haven for enthusiasts. Then, with the passage of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (also called Proposition 64) in 2016, the state made both medicinal and recreational marijuana legal. Legality has just now come into effect in January 2018.

With the advent of legal pot, there are seven dispensaries in San Francisco that have been approved by the state to sell recreational marijuana. These are Shambhala, The Apothecarium, The Green Cross, MediThrive, ReLeaf Herbal Cooperative, Grass Roots, and Harvest on Geary. Shopping at these licensed and well-regulated dispensaries can be much safer than trying to buy one's marijuana on the street or through illegal drug dealers. However, some folks refrain from doing so for fear that the dispensaries, being taxed and having to pay for licensing and overhead, can only offer recreational pot at prices much higher than their street-level counterparts. But this is untrue. Just like clipping coupons for supermarkets, customers of dispensaries can find coupons and discounts online for their favorite strains of marijuana. Saving money in the Age of Technology is as easy as clicking a link on a website. Here's to the future!


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