Where to Find Deals for Cannabis Terpenes

when looking for the best possible deals on terpenes and aroma products, it's helpful to use discount websites like Cannaberry.com

September 07, 2018

Most of us are familiar with aromatherapy and essential oils. The use of aromas and natural chemicals to calm the mind and body has been on the rise in recent years. At the heart of aromatherapy is the use of terpenes, which are the oily molecules produced in plants. Terpenes are behind the health benefits of aromatherapy and can help aid in sleep recovery, overall health, and mood problems. According to the marijuana news website Alchimiaweb, no fewer than one hundred terpenes have been discovered in pot. This means there's a whole new world of marijuana-related products available. In California, where legal recreational marijuana use has just come into effect this year, customers can seek cannabis terpenes from local dispensaries. Of course, when looking for the best possible deals on terpenes and aroma products, it's helpful to use discount websites like Cannaberry.com, which gather all the latest deals on local pot and display them on one convenient site.


What Kinds of Terpenes are in Marijuana?

Ask anyone who uses recreational marijuana and they'll tell you that pot is a very diverse substance. There are smells and flavors galore. What many may not realize is that it is the presence of terpenes that is responsible for this rich diversity. Terpenes are the molecules that give different strains of marijuana their unique smells. For connoisseurs who love the Blueberry strains of weed, you can thank the specific terpenes in that strain for its blueberry flavor. In fact, there are more than 100 different terpenes that have been identified in marijuana, ensuring that there are strains of weed out there for everyone's individual tastes. Examples of terpenes that are present in marijuana include limonene (which is also present in citrus fruits), Linalool (which gives lavender plants their aroma), A-pinene (familiar to anyone who has smelled pine needles), and myrcene (which beer lovers will recognize, as the terpene is also present in hops).

On an aromatherapy level, each of these terpenes is useful for a specific goal. Myrcene is a sleep aid and muscle relaxant. Limonene is known as a natural antidepressant and can help with acid reflux. A-pinene is an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial molecule that can help sharpen memory. Add to this small selection the rest of the hundred terpenes in marijuana and you begin to see the wide-ranging products that are available with terpenes.


Using Terpenes

The first and most important thing to remember when deciding how to use terpenes is that most off-the-shelf products are intended to be diluted before use. Don't just imbibe a bunch of terpenes—your body isn't ready for that. Also, it is important to remember that terpenes are an oily molecule. Thinking back to high school chemistry will reveal that oils are not water soluble, so when you're using terpenes you are are going to want to mix them with different kinds of oil (vegetable, coconut, etc.) or even with cannabis plant extracts.

Now let's talk about how to use terpenes with pot. Sometimes people use terpenes on edibles. Sometimes they decide to mix marijuana terpenes into topicals. There are numerous ways to enjoy the effects of terpenes—and just as many products to aid you in that usage—but one important thing to remember is that terpenes lose potency when heated too much. A favorite method of weed connoisseurs is to use terpenes in a low-heat vaporizer. Think of it as an aromatic infusion for pot lovers.


The New World of Legalized Pot in California

This year marks the first in which recreational marijuana usage is legal in California. However, the struggle for legalization has been long and arduous, spanning the better part of a century. Now known as a haven for pot enthusiasts, California was actually the first state to officially ban the substance in 1913 when it added marijuana to its Poison and Pharmacy Act. By the 1970s, though, cities like Berkeley had grown increasingly lax on marijuana policing. In 1996, San Francisco became the first city in the country to officially recognize marijuana's medical properties. The 1990s also saw a push among voters to legalize pot entirely, but the federal ban on the drug kept things quiet on that front. With the passing of Proposition 64 in 2016—otherwise called the Adult Use of Marijuana Act—residents of California can now legally purchase weed from local, licensed dispensaries.

Of course, legalization does not mean that there are no rules. Just like alcohol consumption, the use of marijuana is highly regulated. For one, people are not allowed to consume pot in public; nor are they allowed to operate a vehicle while impaired from marijuana. Dispensaries cannot sell weed after 10 pm or before 6 am, and marijuana is not allowed on airplanes. Still, legalization represents a huge step forward for pot connoisseurs, many of whom now have access to more weed—and more terpenes—than ever before.

Using Discount Websites

The world of weed has always been highly innovative, and this is still true when it comes to dispensaries. Local dispensaries will often run specials on various products, be they new strains of marijuana buds, edibles, terpenes, or anything else. One hiccup for the pot connoisseur—who is now open to a wide variety of shopping options in this legalized environment—is finding the best deals and discounts. But discount aggregator websites do the work for you. All of the best deals on terpenes and other pot-related items can be found on websites like Cannaberry.com, and the deals will change with the weeks. This is much easier than trying to go store-to-store—it's even easier than perusing through the websites of each and every local dispensary. So, no matter which of the hundred terpenes you're looking for, the best way to find great deals is by using marijuana discount websites.

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