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$1 Eight when spend $50 -2
$1 Eight

Urbn Leaf

$1 Eight when spend $50 -2

Spend a minimum of $50 and receive a selected eighth for $1. Best selection of marijuana products in San Diego.

$1 Eight when spend $50
$1 Eight

Urbn Leaf

$1 Eight when spend $50

Spend a minimum of $50 and receive a selected eighth for $1. Best selection of marijuana products in San Diego.


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Popular strains

01 Blackberry

Known to connoisseurs since its debut in 2009, Blackberry is a blend of sativa and indica plants that features a more energetic high.

02 Blue Dream

Blue Dream treats conditions that demand a strain with a high THC level such as depression, pain, and nausea.

03 Cheese

It is possible that the happy-go-lucky effects of Cheese may leave users cheesin’ for the camera.

04 Durban Poison

Durban Poison features lots of crystals and has larger than average resin glands, making it a great choice for making concentrates.

05 Girl Scout Cookies

GSC is the modern version of the strain formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies.

06 Humboldt

Its aromatic profile is very foresty and has lots of wood and pine notes. Humboldt is a hybrid that combines both indica and sativa effects

07 Loyalty

Animal Pie and OG Kush parent strains combine their genetics in this plant, which was originally developed by grower TSL Farms.

08 OG Kush

OG Kush is cherished for its ability to crush stress under the weight of its heavy euphoria.

09 Or

Or, an Israeli strain, from the medical cannabis company Tikun Olam, treats sleep disorders as well as pain, nausea, indigestion and appetite loss

10 Platinum OG

Platinum OG, named after the precious metal, features a THC content level reaching 20%.

11 Rainbow

This quickly flowering strain has tropical fruit and berry notes in its flavor profile and gets its genetics from Blueberry and Dancehall.

12 Strawberry Cough

An easy-to-grow sativa that flowers within two months and produces abundant harvests?


Located near the Mexico border and known for having some of the best weather in the entire world, San Diego is home to the avocado capital of the world and also boasts the United States’ busiest single runway airport. Plenty of weed smokers flock to San Diego for the sunny skies, mild climate, and masses of recreational opportunities including the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, and Sea World. Of course, smoking a little week while exploring the city and all its offerings just makes it that much more fun, and plenty of week-smokers do this on a daily basis in gorgeous San Diego.

San Diego is also a great place to score top-quality weed. Whether it's recreational marijuana or medical marijuana you seek, pot shops in San Diego offer plenty of discounts, coupons and promo codes to help you relax, sleep better or lessen the pain of an ailment.

Please check this page regularly for the latest and greatest deals on medical and recreational marijuana. A lot of cannabis is sold in San Diego and the very best deals can be found right here!