Allen Wrench in San Francisco

Allen Wrench is a sativa strain that was created from NYC Diesel and Trainwreck. It produces a long-lasting high that is described as energetic and happy and is a favorite with those who like to smoke to boost their creativity. This strain has a pungent aroma of earth balanced by a flowery taste and is excellent for treating stress, depression, and fatigue. Side effects of dizziness, paranoia, and anxious thoughts have been reported with this strain, so those with anxiety disorders should steer clear. Featuring medium to high THC levels, the Allen Wrench strain is quite popular throughout Washington and is catching on in Oregon.

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Sativa strains contain psychoactive chemical compounds known as cannabinoids that are consumed for medicinal, recreational and spiritual purposes. Sativa strains are uplifting and cerebral, enhancing creativity and productivity. In traditional medicine sativa has been used as sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, hallucinogenic and hypnotic agent.