Blaze in San Francisco

A hybrid that takes after its sativa parent, this strain is a blend of Blueberry and Haze created by the British Columbia Seed Company. Its tendency to follow in the general vein of most sativa strains means it is particularly useful for refreshing the mind and is not known for powerful full-body highs. Distinguished by its longer-than-average leaves, Blaze exhibits aromas of sugar and spice with hints of raisin below the surface. Growers in particular may appreciate its ability to come to fruition quicker than many of the other hybrid strains.

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Sativa strains contain psychoactive chemical compounds known as cannabinoids that are consumed for medicinal, recreational and spiritual purposes. Sativa strains are uplifting and cerebral, enhancing creativity and productivity. In traditional medicine sativa has been used as sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, hallucinogenic and hypnotic agent.