Cheese Quake in San Francisco

Growers of marijuana may want to get their hands on this strain’s seeds, as its plants tend to flower quickly while still producing high yields. A marriage of genetics from parent strains Cheese and Querkle, Cheese Quake is an almost-even split between sativa and indica properties that mostly settles on the soporific indica side of the aisle. Users can expect a high that brings about a pleasant head trip followed by an all-over buzz that relieves muscle tension and pain. However, users seeking a low profile should avoid this one, as its smell is quite strong.

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Hybrid cannabis strains are mix of the indica and sativa plants. Hybrids often provide a more balanced combination of sativa and indica`s effects. Hybrids are great for new users, who might not know how weed makes them feel. They can also be great for medical marijuana patients who need “balanced” effects they can tolerate all day long.