Chemdawg 4 in San Francisco

The yellowish-green buds of this Chemdawg variant strain hint at its citrusy aroma, which has also been likened to certain cleaning agents. Buds are streaked through with orange hairs, and the plant itself tends to be larger than most. When grown outside, Chemdawg 4 can reach upwards of seven feet. High on the indica effect spectrum, this strain can be a great remedy to persistent pain. It can also be used for its sedative effects, knocking users into a blissful slumber. For that reason, it is best to partake of Chemdawg 4 later in the evening when sleepiness will not get in the way of other activities.

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Hybrid cannabis strains are mix of the indica and sativa plants. Hybrids often provide a more balanced combination of sativa and indica`s effects. Hybrids are great for new users, who might not know how weed makes them feel. They can also be great for medical marijuana patients who need “balanced” effects they can tolerate all day long.