Cherry Kola

Descended from the powerful Afghani landrace indica strain, Cherry Kola is a particular offshoot potent enough to enter the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup in 2014. This one may not be good for users trying to keep their marijuana enthusiasm private, as its aroma can be quite strong. The flavor profile is berry-forward, with a prominence of cherries in the nose and a sweetness on the tongue. Users can expect a high that skyrockets the mood into positivity and blissful transcendence that eventually results in pain-relieving, couch-locking full-body muscle relaxation.

Cannabis plant indica produces large amounts of THC. The large amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol make it most commonly used as a drug, whether it be for medical or recreational purposes. Indica strains, medicinal use, are more likely to give you a sense of peace, help you relieve stress and relax. These strains have mild numbing properties that can help to relieve some pains. These sedative, soothing effects of indica also make it a better choice for use as a sleep aid.