Concord Grape Blockhead in San Francisco

Purplish buds abound on this plant, giving growers and users a clear hint as to its Concord grape-centered flavor profile. An offshoot of Sweet Tooth, this strain is very much an indica hybrid and can be used to stop cramping and sooth knotted muscles. However, its unknown African parent strain steers it a bit to the sativa side, providing users with bursts of creative energy and a sense of blissful transcendence. This one can be useful for people who need to the relaxation of an indica without the immediate sedative effects or long-term couchlock, which means users can partake of this one during the day.

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Hybrid cannabis strains are mix of the indica and sativa plants. Hybrids often provide a more balanced combination of sativa and indica`s effects. Hybrids are great for new users, who might not know how weed makes them feel. They can also be great for medical marijuana patients who need “balanced” effects they can tolerate all day long.