Grape OX in San Francisco

As many marijuana enthusiasts might be able to guess, this strain is a cross of parent strain The OX and Grape Ape. Originally bred by Rare Dankness, Grape OX is technically a hybrid although it leans almost entirely into its indica background. The effects of this strain include a mood boost and a sense of euphoric bliss, but its main use is to provide full body relaxation that settles the user on the couch and eventually induces sleep. Partake of this one for pain or stress, but use it at night when its sedative properties are more of use.

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Cannabis plant indica produces large amounts of THC. The large amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol make it most commonly used as a drug, whether it be for medical or recreational purposes. Indica strains, medicinal use, are more likely to give you a sense of peace, help you relieve stress and relax. These strains have mild numbing properties that can help to relieve some pains. These sedative, soothing effects of indica also make it a better choice for use as a sleep aid.